With the entry into force of the UNI CEI 11222-2010, in addition to the existing IEC 50172 directive, it becomes absolutely necessary and obligatory to provide testing and maintenance of all the emergency and security lighting so that their operation remains effective over time.

The periodic checks consist in operations that are able to control the operating status of the lighting and safety signaling equipment in the position in which they are installed. This can be done with the aid of suitable instrumentation to identify any abnormalities and / or faults and provide repair in the shortest possible time.

Verification of effective intervention in emergencies of all equipment, the constructive condition of the same and the correct operation of the emergency system operations must be performed monthly. The testing of the inhibition system and of the information provided by the panel / rescuer group display in the case of a centralized power supply system, must be carried out weekly. After an operation period of not more than two years, a comprehensive review process of the entire lighting and security alarm system has to be provided.

Any faults found must be promptly noted and eliminated, if possible, upon immediate corrective action. The work must be performed by qualified personnel with adequate training and shall be noted on the logbook.

For this reason, we have activated a check and maintenance service at ATS Elettronica for those who require advice and the intervention of competent staff and cutting-edge technology. Our technicians are trained to control, repair and replace emergency lighting and safety units. Our team will be responsible for the completion of maintenance records (LOG BOOK), taking into account deadlines and reports, as well as reporting to the person responsible for the system. It also has the obligation to update the systems at the time and in the manner provided by law, keeping them available to the competent authorities for inspections.

In this way, we provide our customers experience, capability and reliability combined with the guarantee of products “Made in Italy” that are in step with technological innovation.