We are careful to any particular, we devote great care to every single step of the workflow, starting with the raw materials choice, among the best throughout the country.


The work processes and ATS Electronics products are guaranteed by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 1800, UL and 50001 quality certifications, an objective that has been pursued with determination to guarantee our customers the utmost satisfaction. Our products are safe and reliable, with two-year warranty. The entire range is equipped with high temperature nickel-cadmium batteries, which guarantee excellent performance in terms of life span and efficiency in operation.


The ATS Elettronica emergency lamps are characterized by their sophisticated design and are perfectly integrated into the environment where they are installed. Ease of installation, light in weight, compact in size, portability and adaptability are the highlights of our every lamp. The range offered in the catalogue is broad and diverse, designed to suit any customer requirements.


ATS Elettronica has always been highly sensitive to environmental issues. The company supports to ECHOLIGHT consortium, one of the main correctional systems for the handling of WEEE and batteries; it shall administer the handling and the waste disposal resulting from the electrical and electronic equipment at the end of their usable life, with expertise and commitment, in full respect of the environment and in a sustainable development.