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ATS Elettronica was founded in 1989 with the purpose of producing and marketing emergency lighting lamps and devices, and it soon became an established presence in the sector. Over the years, we have managed to combine our experience with a management vitality that is always in step with technological innovation, in every sector of the business.

Through the quality of our products, our main priority is that our customers are happy. We have a loyal customer database, which over the years has believed in our capacity for development and affirmation of the ATS Elettronica brand.


The computerization of the business system, which uses a modern management software, allows for complete identification and traceability from the initial supply of materials to the finished delivered product. In this way, the customer is guaranteed total quality and total fulfillment of the required specifications.

The new premises located in the Industrial Area just minutes from the Avellino East motorway exit, covers an area of 2800 square meters and is home to twenty employees. The structure has enabled us to streamline and improve the productive activities by making work processes more efficient and enabling us to increase our market share.

Since 2001, the strategy adopted by the company to diversify and expand its industrial activity has led to a development policy in the field of low and medium voltage wiring and electronic equipment: the aim of the company is the development of high quality industrial products. Hence, the signing of major supply contracts with leading clients in the industry, such as the ABB Group and S.A.P.S..


Upon specifications provided by the customer, we offer a materials procurement service, plus the production and installation of electrical wiring for the industrial sector. We are capable of meeting the needs and requirements of small, medium and large industries, so as to reduce the cost of logistics and production with a growing advantage.

All the work processes and ATS products are guaranteed by the following quality certification: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2012. These objectives have been achieved and maintained over time with determination, to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers. Furthermore, a few years ago, we also obtained the UL certification which gives added value to our production and customers who work for the North American market.

ATS Elettronica emergency lighting is safe, reliable and guaranteed for two years. The product range, wide and varied, is equipped with high-temperature Ni-Cd batteries that ensure excellent performance in terms of durability and efficiency, responding to all applicable standards of security lightning, as guaranteed by the IMQ mark. ATS Elettronica products are available with high-efficiency LEDs inserted in perspective symmetry ensuring a perfect uniformity light beam. The emergency lights are characterized by a sophisticated design and blend in perfectly in the surroundings where they are installed. Ease of installation, light in weight, compact in size, portability and adaptability are the highlights of every lamp.

With the coming into force of the UNI CEI 11222-2010, in addition to the existing IEC 50172, we have activated an emergency lighting installation verification and maintenance service to assist customers in the proper management of its emergency illumination systems and ensure their maximum efficiency in time, and thus fulfill its legal obligation with regard to security. You can request maintenance and/or the assistance of maintenance personnel for the following services:

On-site scheduled tests in accordance with UNI 11222 and maintenance of the system;

technical assistance and supervision of the systems;

supply of spare parts;