In the wiring sector, ATS Elettronica is a qualified suppliers to ABB, working in compliance with all their product codes. In 2013, the company was awarded the UL mark that is the most widely recognized and accepted evidence for the compliance of products to US and Canadian safety requirements.

The ATS Elettronica production process is conducted in accordance with the quality procedures and in respect of the environment, as well as the current legislation on the health and safety of workers.

The high standards of professionalism and expertise of the staff guarantee that any problem relating to the different production stages are resolved. Such stages are:

Control of technical feasibility;

economic analysis;

procurement and warehousing of raw materials;

automatic processing of electrical cables, of various sections, cut to specific measurements and provided with metal contacts and multi-pole connectors;

manual assembly;

final electronic and functional testing;

storage of the finished product for the client;

logistics management.

The modern equipment that the company has ensures wide flexibility of the production line, fulfillment of deadlines and reliability in processing orders, as well as a rapid response to the diverse need of customers.

The first phase of our production process is the automatic processing of electrical LV/MV cables, of several sections, cut to specific measures and provided with metal contacts and multi-pin connectors. Our products are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the customer; in particular, the most commonly used cables are single-core cables and sheated cables.

Our equipment

In order to expand the range of products and services offered, the company has gradually added new machines that make the work cycles faster and reliable.

Komax Gamma 333 PC.

Automatic machine with electronic control, 3 stations for the processing of single-core cables.

It features the following processing options:

• Cut

• Semi stripping

• Total stripping

• Crimping on both sides of stripped and pre-insulated contacts

• Tin-plating on both sides

• Installation of faston cover on single and double cable

• Mounting of rubber tip on one side

• Double crimping with 3 different terminals

• Presses already equipped with load cells

• Hot marking and / or inkjet

Technical Data:

• Cutting length: 30 mm – 10 m

• Stripping length: from 1 mm to 15 mm, both sides

• Section of cable: 0.1 – 6 mm2; AWG 26-AWG 10

Other Equipment:

• COMTEC CMT 57 Semiautomatic press for crimping of pre-insulated wires

• MECAL TT Semiautomatic bench press for crimping contacts

• EST bench testing for wiring: continuity test and dielectric strength

• EST bench testing for electronic circuits: test in circuit and functional

• FLUKE 45 Dual Display Multimeter

• BRANSON 2000 Ultrasonic welding machine

• HELLERMANN TYTON TT 3000 sheath marker

• ERREBI SP 101 sheath shearing

  EUROELETTRONICA 500VA voltage converter

• Dynamometer 500N, 0.5N MAV resolution

• MARTORANA 0586R Dielectric Strength Test Instrument

• TEKTRONIK TPS 2024four channel digital oscilloscope.


The second step of the productive process involves the intervention of our technicians that manually or semi-automatically assemble the electrical components and systems that cannot be entrusted to the processing machines.

ATS Elettronica manages the supply cycle and processing of over than 1100 component codes that make up about 300 types of wire harnesses for low and medium voltage.


The final part of the process is the testing that is carried out by specialized operators who, with the help of automated test benches, verify that the products meet the standards of quality and safety, in accordance with regulatory requirements, and comply with the specific requirements of the customer.

All measuring instruments are subjected to regular testing and calibration at SIT centres according to the Quality System process.